Sunday School Programs


Nursery Care

We offer nursery care for childrenDSCN3124 birth to age three in our nursery room downstairs. The nursery is staffed by our paid professional Nursery Care Provider, Margaret Piper.  In our nursery children can expect a clean, safe and fun environment for free play, story telling and age appropriate crafts.


Sunday School

Each Sunday morning, children and youth get to participate in their own classes in the Sunday School. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child gets to participate and learn. We have classes for Junior Kindergarten to grade 1, grade 2-5, youth grade 6-8 and a youth class for high school grades 9-12. All of our classes are using the “FaithWeaver” Curriculum this year. Each week the children will learn a new story from the bible and reflect on it through a craft or activity. This year’s Sunday School is under the direction of Nolle Ohashi and Rosemarie Lee.