Bible Closer LookThursday Bible Study

Each Thursday morning at 10:00 AM this small group studies the Bible through topical studies, the books of the Bible, video series such as Nooma, or assigned scripture readings for the week.The group also enjoys fellowship through sharing and coffee. The Leader is Rev. Grant Williams.  

Alpha Film Series

Alpha creates a context in which you can invite people to talk about Jesus.

It starts with a welcome: dinner,
great conversation and a light-hearted atmosphere.
Then there is a presentation about an aspect of the Christian faith. Finally there are small groups: an essential part of what makes Alpha work … forming a community of encouragement and exploration around the guests.

When you participate in Alpha, you are joining thousands of people around the world, in over 65,000 churches, who in the last 30 years, have seen more than 20 million people come to Alpha. Stay tuned for the next available session.