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Paul, the author of these letters, draws on all his skills, as an apostle, to guide Timothy and Titus, as leaders, on what they should do. In the process, he raises issues which bear on us all, leaders or not.


What are the Life Guide Bible Studies all about?

The LifeGuide Bible Study provides an exciting and challenging way to fill our minds, and our lives, with messages from the Bible. The studies lead us to discover what the Bible means, rather than simply telling us what it says and what we must believe.


Study Benefits: For your daily living, you will discover how to handle anger and envy. You will learn how your faith can be strengthened, how to pray, how to grow in humility. You will gain insights into a biblical approach to evangelism. You will find out what attitudes the Lord thinks are important. And you will learn how to handle suffering and grief.

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There are usually 12 questions for each week. The following questions are from week one, based on 1 Timothy, Chapter 1.

1. What can we discover about the situation in Ephesus from Paul’s comments?

2. How does Paul describe Timothy’s job?

3. What results were the false teachers getting for their efforts?

4. What materials were the false teachers using?

5. In what ways was Paul himself like the false teachers before his conversion?

6. Compare verse 14 with verse 5. How would this help Timothy keep a clear perspective for his one mission?

7. Why do faith and good conscience go together?

8. How can the kind of faith Paul shows in verse 15 help you face your own issues of conscience?


Why Join a Home Bible Study?

Here are some of the reasons people have given.

  • The Bible studies are discussions, not lectures. Everyone participates. No one dominates the discussion. There are no “wrong” answers.

  • Many different answers make for a good discussion.

  • I always learn something from the other people’s answers.

  • I hate to miss a meeting; the group is so supportive.

  • The weekly lessons are fun to do; it takes about an hour to prepare.

  • I like spending time meditating and reflecting when developing my answers to the questions.

  • People want to know what I have to say. They talk to me.

  • I never read the Bible before joining the Bible Study program.

  • The meeting always starts and ends on time. 60 minutes is just right. I often stay for the half hour social time afterwards.

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