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A picture of a woman holding flowers and touching the side of a wooden casket

Preparing for a funeral and dealing with the death of one we love is a difficult time. We experience a myriad of feelings and the community of faith can be an important support in the grieving process and in planning the funeral service. It reminds us that we are not alone and we have companions with us on the journey. It is an opportunity to call upon God to give us strength and courage. A funeral or memorial service is a service of worship to give thanks for the life as we grieve our loss. Drawing on our faith we are empowered by our hope of resurrection, which enables us to face death, offer thanksgiving for the gift of life and celebrate our Christian hope. Family members are very important in the planning of the service. Our minister provides pastoral care and guidance for the family including the arranging of the service.

Please contact the office for more details. . 

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